Phelline Consultancy Head of Training & Development says” Cyber Security needs emergency attention in Kenya”

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Phelline Consultancy completed a one week workshop held at Nairobi on Friday 26, 2017. The Ethical Hacking workshop was themed at empowering corporate bodies in the war against cyber security crisis.

The workshop attended by heads of companies and company representatives of senior bodies both in the government and private sector addressed topics and skillful measures that corporate bodies can utilize in preventing cyber crimes.

The director has gone ahead to thank the companies and entities that participated in the workshop. These include Mavoko Water and Sewerage Company, Kenya Maritime Authority and Mwalimu Gusii Sacco LTD.

Cyber bullying has become an international internet war affair. With the most recent virus reports of the increasing virus attacks across the internet, with the most popular Ransomware virus that caused a sweeping havoc targeting 99 countries, spreading rapidly through China, UK and being a major threat top US systems.

It is important to quote that Cyber security firm Avast said that it had identified more than 75,000 ransomware attacks in 99 countries, making it one of the broadest and most damaging cyber attacks in history. The ransomware also known as “wanna cry” will  is automatically scanning for computers it can infect whenever it loads itself onto a new machine. It can also infect other computers on the same wireless network.

“Cyber security has reached a moment of emergency. Hackers can bring your company systems down in just a matter of seconds”, said Angelline Ngui, Director at Phelline Consultancy in a press release after the May Cyber Security workshop held at Nairobi.

The May 2017 workshop was tagged “ETHICAL HACKING” which is Phelline Consultancy greatest area of achievement in the global war against hackers. While hacking is a good insight in the ever changing and unpredictable world, it is also good to protect and manage our individual privacy, as well as secure the systems of of companies that provide our daily bread and taxes to the government. Added Angelline, who also is a graduate with Executive MSC in computer systems and IT.

Phelline Consultancy intends to be a leading firm in this area of cyber security as it is one among the few but so far most active firms addressing the global crisis at a local, Kenya and East Africa level, and stretching out to the entire continent.

Agelline Ngui also encouraged schools and colleges/ universities to take advantage of the cyber security with Phelline Consultancy mentioning that it is important to control future conflicts with students who could legally hold them accountable for lost data or violated databases.

Cyber security is actually an alarm for every body to seek internet safety. With the dynamic nature of technological advances, Phelline Consultancy aims at hosting frequent cyber security workshops to equip our clients with the latest trends and precautions against cyber attacks. Added the self collected director.

In conclusion, the director has invited more companies, proprietors and even individuals to register and book for the coming June 26-June 30 2017 training that will be held at Nairobi. In just a few easy steps, you can easily register for the training by open the following link:

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