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1) Phelline Consultancy will provide facilitators during the training, short break tea and snacks and lunch 2) You will receive certificate of participation at the end of the training from Phelline Consultancy as a sign that you have completed the training session 4) Phelline consultancy is not to be held accountable over individual trainee's and general misconduct by trainees considered void to general country laws where the training will be conducted or general codes of ethics 5) All payments are paid before training in advance 6) All costing is VAT Inclusive 7) You will receive a payment bank account after you submit your form online 8) By registering for this training, you acknowledge and agree that the collected data will be used solely for registration and administrative purposes, securely stored, not shared with third parties, and that you have the right to request access, correction, or deletion of your data at any time; additionally, you may opt out of having your photos and videos taken during the training sessions for promotional material.
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