About Us

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About us

Phelline Consultancy Firm is a global business consulting and training firm passionate about helping organizations                             reach their goals. We provide tailored business solutions designed to increase efficiency, improve productivity and                             raise the bottom line by way of training and consultancy.

Phelline Consultancy firm is well on the way to establishing an enduring reputation as the company to partner with                                  for value-optimized, cost efficient services and thought leadership opportunities. Our team is made up of top                             industry talent who are focused on delivering innovative solutions and world class services that help to smooth running of organizations.

Our team is made up of top industry talent who are focused on delivering innovative solutions and world class services                                  that help secure your enterprise.  The nature and scope of the Information Security field has evolved over the past several                          years, no longer are we just concerned with protecting the physical structure. Our emphasis has become more holistic and                              we tend to consider all aspects of information protection as central to the field of security. 

Phelline Consultancy Firm Limited is located within Nairobi’s Industrial Area, Vinodeep Towers 2nd Floor Room 208, along            Baricho Road.

Who we are

Our Vision
To be a recognized global leader in providing information security services and solutions by delivering world class innovative, value added services and guidance to our clients thus providing superior outcomes.

Our Mission Statement
Phelline Consultancy Firm is committed to deliver information security services of exceptional quality, design and value that enable our clients to mitigate and manage security risks that threaten their competitive advantage or market position. The firm aims to create a thriving company in which we are proud to be a team.



Our Goals
To bring technologies those are most relevant to the requirements of our customers.

  • To help our clients maximize on their investment in people and technology.
  • To provide world class training solutions those are globally marketable.
  • To work with our stakeholders to create a change in our society and world at large.

Our Core Capabilities

  • Client Orientation
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Result Oriented
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